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Green Mountain Sponsored Captive Insurance Company (“Green Mountain”) is a protected cell captive insurance company and is domiciled in Vermont. Licensed in 2012, Green Mountain and its clients are the beneficiaries of Vermont’s highly commended governance and regulatory environment With over 1,000 captives choosing Vermont as their domicile, the Green Mountain state’s highly commended governance and regulatory environment makes it the largest domicile in the US and number 3 internationally.

Green Mountain was created for clients who desired an onshore captive platform that could be tailored to their individual specifications and managed by a team of highly experienced captive insurance experts. We are a leading provider of captive risk solutions for a variety of businesses, organizations, agencies and nonprofits. Green Mountain is managed by Strategic Risk Solutions, one of the world’s largest captive management firms. Clients of Green Mountain are also the beneficiaries of Vermont’s highly commended governance and regulatory environment. Vermont is considered the “gold standard” of captive domiciles in the US and is consistently recognized as the top US domicile according to industry awards.

While a traditional captive and a protected cell captive (PCC) like Green Mountain may operate in similar ways, there can be significant differences, including the level of capital required, supporting services and overhead expenses. A traditional captive can also require a major amount of resources from the client, especially those without a fully staffed risk management team. Under Green Mountain, however, much of the time, capital and human resources devoted by the client can be minimized and more efficiently leveraged using the protected cell structure and supported by our team of experts. We deliver a “turnkey” solution of administrative and professional services, governance, regulatory reporting, financial services, consulting and insurance amenities for our clients, allowing them to focus on what they do best.

As an onshore sponsored captive located in Vermont, Green Mountain provides clients with easy and cost-effective access to a stable and secure captive facility. Green Mountain has done a wide variety of captive programs, such as casualty, property, and employee benefits, for both single entities and groups, and is open to support any type of sound captive program.


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